Logo Design Process

Step 1: Understanding the Client

In order for Design IT Services to build your company a logo we need to understand your company and the kind of business your company does. What makes you different from your competitors? The first step to start the logo design process is to answer our Logo Design Questionnaire. With the information you give us in your logo design questionnaire we will conduct research in order to better understand your company and the image you want to portray. This will answer all our questions in order to move on to the actual Logo Concept Design.

Step 2: Logo Concept Design

Design IT Services starts by sending you 3 logo design concepts based off your answers in our logo design questionnaire. We only require 50% of your payment before beginning this step. These logo concepts will vary in concept, font, icons, and color unless otherwise specified. The reason we only send 3 original logo concepts first is so we do not overwhelm you with too many ideas. Below is an example of what you will receive in Step 2.

With our custom logo template above, you will be able to see what each logo design concept looks like as a 1 color design, a detailed web logo, and a logo on a black or dark background.

Step 3: Feedback from the Client and Logo Revisions

After we have received feedback from you on our initial designs, Design IT Services will go back and make changes. We will then re-submit 3 new designs based on your suggestions. This process will repeat based on the logo design package you chose, or until you are 100% satisfied with your final design.

Step 4: Delivery of Files and Final Payment

Once you have chosen your logo, we have the colors perfect, and you are blown away by your new logo. We will zip all the files and send them to you via email based off your chosen Logo Design Package. We will then ask you to pay us the remaining 50% of your bill, which you will happily pay because you are so overwhelmed with how well everything turned out. So let Design IT Services create a logo for your company today.

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